„Mediocre“ is a documentary about musicians. It’s about art, about creating, about society and making money. It’s about finding your way as an artist.


N’golo Zerbo – Golow

Leo Demandt  Cupidon

Johannes Gey – Yago

Andreas Denz  Lyras Legacy

Maria Basel

Sam Freissler – Europaweite Aussichten

Matthäus Reuss – Flow Johnson

Alina Lorfeo 

production. Groundcatched

director. Florian Felix Koch

dop. Florian Felix Koch

producer. Jana Schütze

interviews. Jana Schütze
ac. Jana Schütze, Michael Kotowski

set runner. Marcel Sakrowski

exclusive photography. Michael Kotowski

behind the scenes. Jana Schütze

edit. Florian Felix Koch

more: www.groundcatched.com